Thomas Parker

About Me
3D graphics
Game Design

About Me

Imaginative,  meticulous and passionate.


Kingston University:

BSc(Hons) Games Technology, (2:1)

MA Computer Animation, (Merit)


English, (native)

Spanish, (fluent)


Code Experience

Games I like…a lot..

  • Dark Souls

  • Doom

  • Metal Gear Solid

  • Mass Effect

  • Fallout 3

  • Battlefield 4

  • GTA

  • Final Fantasy VII

  • Earth Defence Force 2025

  • LucasArts Adventure Games

3D Graphics

Loom Re-imagined

I recently set myself a project to improve my skills in Blender. Lucasarts adventure games have a special place in my heart. Although some of the games have been remastered lately, which is great, there are two games I would love to see remastered…The Dig and Loom.

A 3D artist has already produced a piece of fan art for The Dig however I could not find any Loom 3D fan art. So I decided to recreate the opening scene in Blender.

3D Mobile Game Environment

My final masters project was to create a game environment. I chose to build the first zone concept of a game I am creating by myself and optimize it for mobile. I used Maya 2018 for modelling, Substance Painter for texturing and Unity 2018 to build the environment itself.


Produced as part of my Masters Degree to demonstrate hard surface modelling. I chose my own car to model. As it is an old car there wasn’t really any accurate technical blueprints of it to draw from so a lot of referencing had to be done with photos and manuals.

Final iteration using Maya 2018 and Arnold 5:

3D Practice

Game Design

Game Mechanics, Level Design, Story Development

Raging Dread

Raging Dread is a personal passion project I started in my 2nd year of university. Raging Dread has now undergone two prototype phases in 2D on PC then 3D on Android and I am still developing it using Unreal Engine as a PC release.

Drone Dash

Android 2.5D 3 level demo I designed and produced with my team at university.

The concept is a drone based heist game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, based in London.

It’s really good fun, quirky and original. I wanted this to be our creation entirely, even down to making our own font.

There is a play test published on Google Play Store.

A.P – Terra

A PS4 VR game demo that I designed and produced for a university project in order to demonstrate our ability to overcome the challenges of developing an open world VR game.

The concept is an alternative reality where the Nazis successfully executed operation Sea Lion, however, aliens decided to invade at the same time! 

The player awakens inside a tank covered in rubble…


The first demo I designed and developed for PC using Unreal Engine to learn more about Blueprints.

The concept was a first person platform style survival game set in a dystopian future that happens to include Dinosaurs and Hi Tech/Low Life theme.

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